Friday, January 22, 2010


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

B i k i n i && W r i s t C a n d y

this is def what swimsuit from VS that i'll be getting. loveee the leopard print!!

look at that gorgeous wrist candy :D

P a r t y B a b y y

Blumarine S/S 2010 : Doutzen Kroes
she's so gorgeous. love the dress

Morning Beauty | Heidi Mount by Hedi Slimane
i fuckin adore that jacket! & even the tights/leggings! but the jacket,

Zuzana Gregorova by Markus Jans
bow dress. heart it.

oh god, if this doesn't sum up my life right now, idk what does.

cuteeee. might do this to a shirt this weekend before I go out. depends if we get another ice storm or not >.<

N e w I d e a

So, I have a tumblr, and it's under the same name as this blog. But I wanted it to be like this blog, only....tumblr like? I'm not sure. I think i just made both one day and just decided I liked to use this one more. Recently I've been following alot of photo tumblrs....and I really wanna make my own tumblr so I can just share and save my favorite pictures.


I don't want it to do with Naive or anything...just....

I really like VodkaFashionParty or something like's what my text signature on my phone is right now. hmmm.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

y o u M A Y t h i n k i m C R A Z Y ?!

but i've never seen these shoes in real life, until now when i just fucking looked on charlotte russe's new arrivals!?!??!?!

(get them here)

two nights ago, aka...
i had a dream about marrying my ex boyfriend....well, we were together in the dream, not like we were broken up and randomly decided to get married...okay you know what i'm saying. it was weird and not a traditional wedding. in fact, we took a break when i was half way down the aisle (in god knows what i was wearing, i couldn't find a damn mirror haha), and we never resumed the wedding.
Anyways... i look over at my mother. AND SHE'S WEARING THESE FUCKING SHOES!!!!
big drama, i don't remember the rest. but i threw a fit. cuz she like threw it in my face that she got them and i didn't.
MY MOTHER IN REAL LIFE DOESN'T DO FASHION. haha none the less, she doesn't know i even want those shoes! hahah crazy story....

T U E S D A Y s F O R E C A S T

tuesday's forecast for Kelsey Lenae is mostly bitchy with a chance of passing out at random times due to lack of sleep.

So, lets look at pretty things, shall we?

what a gorgeous dress!!

oh my freaking god. these are destined for my future kitchen or dining room table :)

oh how this is true
(audrey's buzznet)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

M o n d a y

i need some of theseeeeee



it's true. love college!

hahahhahahahhaa just made my day!

H O T E L M O T E L H O L I D A Y I N N <3

well, i just got my fifth, hopefully tonight will be a good night :D


can't beat fashion and vodka!!!

cya dolls!

i W A K E u p i n t h e M O R N I N G f e e l i n l i k e P D I D D Y

so last night, turned out to be a pretty amazing night!
it didn't start out so hot tho, people didn't know where to pre-game, ppl left early, the first party we were going apparently got busted b4 we even got there (which turns out it didn't)

note to self: if you're going to be walking twice as much as you walk during the day to class, don't wear heels. fuck me. that hurt last night!!

anyways, all in all, had a pretty amazing night! went to a jungle juice, met some ppl, then met some girls and we went over to a dance party. that was pretty great! then i went to a friends appt, turns out a shit ton of ppl from my hs were there. at least they were the ones i liked, haha!


may i please have a repeat of last night?!??!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

F U C K Y E A H 3 D A Y W E E K E N D

yeah, i might be super excited! :D


the gorgeously stunning megan fox

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i t s a l m o s t F R I D A Y Y Y



so true


can it be fucking tomorrow yet? this bp event looks quite lovely right about now!

hahahah def def

i M i S S m y D i S H && T V o

as i'm sitting here blogging with my door open listening to music and watching tv and listening to people talk in the hall way while on the phone....i realized how much i fuckin miss my dish tv and dvr at home! =[


cute outfit

omg that necklace is to dieeeeee forrrrr!!!

pursegasm...for sure!

fuckin loveeee. such a simple, cute way for a vest!!! omg!

S o c && W a l k i n g

Those are my 2 classes today....
I have Intimate Relationship Sociology at 11. Then I have my walking class at 1. What a day right? It is easy, yes, but it's all the way across campus >:( && there's 25 inches of snow here, it's always a negative degree, and it keeps

hahahh yessssss

i love her hair.....

this picture is super adorable....&& depressing at the same time

loveeeee the jacket

what a gorgeous and i mean GORGEOUSSSSSS hair style!!!!

well ain't that a nifty trick :D

theseeeeee areeeee my perfectttt shoessssss!!!! if those don't scream kelsey idk what does.

there's a smokin hot guy sitting across the couch from me right now. He's built like a wrestler....&& i really wanna ask him if he is, but...hahahah that would be awkward if he wasn't. :/ well, he should be anyways :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

love everything about this outfit

well this just fucking made my day!

i find this hilarious! and true.

oh jeeeeezzeeeee so true!

this is such a great effin book! read it. it's a MUST!!

Like A M E R I C A but S O U T H

Gotta L O V E kids

F i r s t D a y o f C l a s s e s

So, today was my first day of classes. In fact, it's still my first day of classes. This is my hour break on monday, from 11-noon. Then after this, I have my 3 hour design studio.

that's ridiculous. but oh well haha i hope i enjoy it.

now it's time to enjoy my diet coke and here's some well needed fashion, quotes, and inspiration!


this is a gorgeous dress. I love how you can tell it's handmade :)

patterned tights loveee

oh. my. goddddd. may i own those tights/leggings please?!?!? LIKE PLEASE?!

have a great day!