Tuesday, January 12, 2010

S o c && W a l k i n g

Those are my 2 classes today....
I have Intimate Relationship Sociology at 11. Then I have my walking class at 1. What a day right? It is easy, yes, but it's all the way across campus >:( && there's 25 inches of snow here, it's always a negative degree, and it keeps snowing....wtf?

hahahh yessssss

i love her hair.....

this picture is super adorable....&& depressing at the same time

loveeeee the jacket

what a gorgeous and i mean GORGEOUSSSSSS hair style!!!!

well ain't that a nifty trick :D

theseeeeee areeeee my perfectttt shoessssss!!!! if those don't scream kelsey idk what does.

there's a smokin hot guy sitting across the couch from me right now. He's built like a wrestler....&& i really wanna ask him if he is, but...hahahah that would be awkward if he wasn't. :/ well, he should be anyways :D


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