Saturday, January 16, 2010

i W A K E u p i n t h e M O R N I N G f e e l i n l i k e P D I D D Y

so last night, turned out to be a pretty amazing night!
it didn't start out so hot tho, people didn't know where to pre-game, ppl left early, the first party we were going apparently got busted b4 we even got there (which turns out it didn't)

note to self: if you're going to be walking twice as much as you walk during the day to class, don't wear heels. fuck me. that hurt last night!!

anyways, all in all, had a pretty amazing night! went to a jungle juice, met some ppl, then met some girls and we went over to a dance party. that was pretty great! then i went to a friends appt, turns out a shit ton of ppl from my hs were there. at least they were the ones i liked, haha!


may i please have a repeat of last night?!??!


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