Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey everyone,

I would like to apologize for some stuff. I know I said I would be posting lots of stuff over break and I'm sorry I haven't. I've been dealing with a lot of drama and family stuff ever since I've been back from college. Today is Thanksgiving, so I prolly can't do any DIYs today. :(

On a side note: until I find my digital camera charger, cell phone pictures will have to do for any DIYs I post for a while. :-/


Mixing leather and fur: GENIUS!!!!!

Agree? (Picture credit: Fashion Canvas)

These shoes are so cute! I really like the mix of different patterns.

(picture credit: Fashion Canvas)

After surfing my daily blogs, I kept seeing this dress on about every other one! Just had to share it.

It's from Nasty Gal.
I'm not exactly sure if I would ever wear it cuz I don't think I can pull off the bold shoulders trend. But, I could see myself DIYing it with an old dress I don't like anymore, or even possibly a cheap dress from goodwill!
(picture credit: OutsaPop)

I know I haven't really posted my "DIYables", but they are on the right side of my page. They are smaller pictures, but if you click them I think they open up big. From now on, I will post what I would like to DIY, then put it in the slideshow on the side, okay?

I just found this awesome zipper necklace via OutsaPop (I loveeee that blog).

Designer: Louise Loewenstein

I've been looking for sequins everywhere, but my Hobby Lobby/Micheal's is hiding everything from me lately, I swaer. If I ever find any that I like, this will be the dress I'll prolly DIY! It's so gorgeous!

This is like a perfect party outfit!
(Picture credit: PaperBag)

Alright, alright. Last discovery sharing for the day.
If you haven't already visited Karen's blog, I highly suggest that you should.
She's an amazing fashionista! & most of her outfits consist of thrifted clothing!

This jacket is absolutely amazing!!! I wish I lived where she did with all the vintage/second-hand stores she has the advantage of shopping at all the time.
I'm extremely jealous!


Last night, instead of going to bed, I decided to DIY stud something instead. A few days ago I took my boyfriend's old, completely studded belt, and de-studded it (is that the correct term?) using a needle nosed pliers. A frustrated and bloody fingered Kelsey later, I got all the studs out. Close to 150 big, pyramid studs to be exact. I put them in a baggy and they've been sitting on my dresser for only a day. I found an old, black, cropped blazer in my closet! I nearly jumped up and down for joy when I found it. It's was the perfect canvas I needed to try out studding :D
I didn't finish it all, but I did take pictures along the way using my cell phone. If I have time tonight, I will prolly finish it, and wear it out shopping tomorrow.

I'M WAKING UP EARLY AND GOING OUT ON BLACK FRIDAY! I may not have a lot of money to shop, but it's still a memorable experience! All I really need are some black, leather boots. I think I'll hit up Shoe Carnival for those; its BOGO, so maybe I'll get 2 pairs!?! :)

I hope you all have a great thanksgiving! I'm going to go pick up my best friend and we're going to play games until dinner!

<3 Kelsey Lenae


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