Monday, November 16, 2009

My First Post!

Hello world!

So what is this blog about? Good question!
As of now, I really don't know. I guess that's untrue, it's going to be about anything I feel like posting. I would love to post about fashion, what I wear, what I've made/DIY, makeup & hair tutorials, etc. I know there are many blogs out there like that, but hey, every one's is different, right?

I don't have much time on my hands at the moment, so this is the clean & neat frosty pinkish layout I'll have until I have time to actually crate one that goes with my site's theme, whatever it ends up being.

My name is Kelsey and I'm a freshmen in college. I'm currently studying design and applying for the Integrated Studio Arts design program at my college. What do you I wanna do after college? DESIGN!!! Obv. Preferably Eco-Friendly-Based design. I love giving new life to old things. I also love recycling stuff into something completely different than it's original purpose.

I won't be posting much of the whole "what I wore" pictures until January. This is because as of now, I live in the dorms and my roommate and I don't get along. I am most likely getting an apartment next semester! *happy dance* So I'll be able to do what I want, when I want. && I'll have uber space to do it in! I will take pictures of what I wear on the days I don't wear sweats.

I have this dying desire to be a model, but there are two problems, one that cannot be solved. The first is my weight--I'm simply not thin enough to be a model; my hips are also genetically wide. The second, insolvable, problem is my height; sadly, I'm only 5'6". Hey, maybe a day will come when a girl like me will be able to professionally model. :)

I guess that's all I have to really say right now. I have a lot of reading to do!

I hope people actually read this thing at some point in time!

Kelsey Lenae


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