Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009

ya i know a lame title.... oh well!

i had a super lazy day. i slept in til noon. went to lunch. then took a shower. then played guitar hero and rayman on my wii and now i'm just super bored. i think i'm going to work on materials to make my purse hahaha not sure. anyways, i'm in a cafe drinking a caramel white chocolate mocha right now XD aka the most amazing thing that'll ever touch your lips. anyway, i'm listening to some other people talk right now and there's this one girl who sounds like a freakin idiot. her voice is so annoying....she is the kinda girl who purposely talks like she doesn't have a brain. yepp. and she's a fashion major (gag me) which at my college means she just likes to shop and she has no idea wtf she is talking about. it's just plain annoying. i wanna throw something at her!

this dress is def a statement dress. lovee it.

wow ain't this a quote to live by!


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