Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lazy Tuesday

Good afternoon world.
It's only about 130PM, but it feels like 5 cuz of the angle of the sun. Damn winter. I hate you.
those leopard print leggings/tights are so awesome!

This outfit looks 110% comfortable! Yet, it's so stylish!

I wish it would be warmer to wear something like this.
(chadwick models)

Look how adorable this dress is! I really want it!
it'd be even more adorable with black sequins or silver studs outlining the top.
only $89.95 at GeneralPants.com


So, later I must upload pictures of my DIY studded black blazer for you all to see!

I am also going to work on an outfit for this weekend. I'm going to post some of my pics for inspiration. I am going to look hot and people are going to want to know where I got my outfit; shhh I made it myself! :)

the cute little bustier is what I like in this picture. I could possibly use my blazer and tie it like this? hmmm
(fashion gone rogue)

I have sequins in black and silver.
I also have lots of spare pink and silver satin fabric.
Oh and lots of big pyramid studs.
I think I'll use the pink for the bow to give it a splash of color, not exactly sure yet.
I'll think about it while I'm showering after class haha


Found some future DIYables!

Cute bow shirt. Could be inspiration for just a bow necklace :)

Have a great tuesday!


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