Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slowwww Sunday

I had one hell of a weekend that's for sure. A longggg one!


i want this hat!!

i really think this would be simple to diy! it's $44 @ 80spurple

this is such an easy diy! just vinyl! ohhhh kelsey's got ideas now! I might hit Hobby Lobby tomorrow :D
shirt is a whopping $66 from 80spurple

pardon my french, but it is fucking ridiculous that these sequins pumps are on sale for $665 (originally $950) avaiable here.
these would be super easy to diy! in fact, just to prove a point, i think this will be put up on the top of my DIYables list!

so i discovered fredflare and I pretty much wanna buy the whole site! check it out if you have yet to do so!

this pink princess phone simply screams Kelsey! && for only $49, you can't go wrong! find it here at fredflare!

i feel like i could DIY this, but it prolly wouldn't turn out great. && i can't find any mini hats to save my life! this is only $28 at ardenb.

idk about you, but I would definitely rock these ducky head phones every day! they come in more styles as well!
find them here for only $9.99 right now! (usually $15)


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