Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

So I know yesterday I was all gong hoe to make a weekend party out fit, but my night last night was quite a night, along with this morning, hence the blog title.

My head hurt so bad last night, the only thing I could do was work on a drawing that's due Thursday; the only reason I even did that is because I need the grade.

I have surgery on my mouth later today, hopefully that'll make my headaches subside. If they don't, I'm really in trouble.

Today is my busiest day of the week class wise; I have everything right in a row. Sociology, then Astronomy, then my Drawing Studio. I actually have to leave the studio early today to get to my surgery appointment on time. Yippie skippy!

these gloves are super cute. love the fur detail

This necklace is gorgeous. Love the oversized crystals. I feel like this could be a DIY with using those 3$ giant glass diamonds you can buy from hobby lobby. Downfall: kinda heavy. Worth it? I'll try it out sometime!

I really really want this hat. Exactly as is. IT'S SO ADORABLE!

I love the cut of this shirt. Very chic. The graphic on the front makes this shirt very stylish as well.

this vest is very couture. extremely cute. i wish to own this!

this dress is cute. easy diy with differnt shapes of sewable blocks of glass! with holes on each side. ya see what i mean?

so, i'm totally loving the mix of leopard print and floral. freaking amazing! that's my next fashion statement to make. I have a dress with almost that exact purple floral pattern. PERFECT!

the gold dress in the middle is gorgeous. i'd love to own it! too bad my hips would ruin it... >.< (hautfashion)

I have surgery tomorrow loves! Wish me luck!


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