Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toothsore Thursday

So I had my root canal this morning...
My tooth doesn't hurt at all! I'm pain free!
I still have a headache though, but it's a different kind and not nearly as bad as it used to be. When I come back home for winter break, I'll get a permanent filling and a crown. Until then, I have a semi-permanent filling.

I want her spanks and hippie-chic head band pleaseeeeee

this fur coat is simply....rawr!

i wish I could find a pair of glasses like these! so cute!

lovin the full sequins blazer!

cable knit and fur?!?! GENIUS!!!!

these booties are super adorable!

i. want. said. TUTU!

i'm on a sequins binge!!!!!

cute heels with mid-knee high tube socks, totally cute! (left picture)

true sequins pants. loveeeee

those tights are simply awesome! wanntttt. I wish I knew where to get them! anyone know? I might just end up DIYing them haha.

i'm on a boot binge tonight! haha and a gojane binge as well. you can't go wrong with cute, stylish, and cheap!

these faux leather boots from gojane are adorable! i love the studs! - $28.40

so cute! Idk if i could pull off the color purple, but i'd sure as hell try! gojane is to thank for these. - $25.20

zippered booties were really hot on the catwalk. i've come across leather look-a-likes that cost well over $500.
thanks gojane for making these suede and cheap! - $38.90

cute little slouchy gray suede bootie! I have no gray footware at the moment, I think I might actually buy these from gojane. - $22.10


So there was a massive post. I'm going to go start a duffel bag for my next project!! :D I'm excited to see how it's going to turn out. It's going to take me quite a while. I don't have my usual scissors, so these slick ones are kinda slowing me down. You know how it goes, when you're used to doing something a certain way and you change something, you'll slow down. I'm also kinda tired.

I have 2 separate 10$ coupons to Victoria's Secret. I might have to go spend them tomorrow :D

I hope everyone has a great friday! i saw snow for the first time today. yuck!



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