Monday, December 7, 2009

burrrrrr's blizzarding here. i freakin hate snow!!
i actually think class will be cancelled here tomorrow. woot woot! If so, i'll be so happy. if not? i'll prolly still go to class at 10. booooo

i really want these shoes. they look expensive but so fabulous!

oh my freaking god. this dress is so stunning!!!!

oh. my. freaking. god! this is so freaking genius!
pink poofy dress with a fur coat? epic!
(fashion canvas)

this shirt is so awesome. I have the urge to DIY it. it's going in the slide show for future DIYables. :D what you think?

I actually have a shirt that looks identical to this :D i'll have to post it sometime. def an easy diyable!


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