Tuesday, December 15, 2009

idk what to do with myself

i have no tests today. or tomorrow. or thursday. just 1 on friday. wtf? haha i would totally be enjoying myself and sleeping in and kinda lounging around, but my roommmate and i...well....to put it nicely...fuckin hate eachother. so no, i can't sleep in. i wake up to her 6AM alarm every morning even tho i don't have class til 11. in fact I USUALLY wake her up cuz she doesn't wake up to her alarm;; but she sure as hell wakes up to "WAKEEEE UPPPPPPPP!"


those shoes ..... :-O

that head piece is fucking amazingly adorable! i want one! maybe i'll make one and wear it on Christmas XD

if this isn't the truest thing in the world....
(found at bellechantelle)

kelsey would like these ears please!!!!! they're so cutee

bow ring
this would be so easy to make. and it's perfect for that extra touch to an outfit! musttt makeeee

i really feel like making a bow necklace right now;; or a ring!!!. just a plain cute bow. i need a long chain though, which is something i don't have. i need to do some major DIY over winter break...&& purse making now that I think about it.

i ordered a personalized flask (for fun) from this cute little shop in my home town. i love it! it's black suade and it has silver studs (like polka dots) all over it and it says PRINCESS in pink rhinestones. TOTALLY meeee!


Jessica said...

i really like your blog! i'm a reader of Absolutely Oblivious and found you on there. Isn't it the worst when you and your roommate don't get along? UGH. been there, done that. And doing some DIY projects sounds fun!

Macy said...

those shoes are insaaaane, but I LOVE them!

Lori said...

gotta love those nina ricci shoes. and that headpiece is adorable!

Nneka Kassandra. said...

Hey its Nneka from PRIMA D.
just want to say, love the blog its great...thanks for the shout out :)
keep it up!


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